Rage 2 has acquired a support plan for 2019

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Until the release of Rage 2 is a few days. If you have already managed to fork out for pre-order, or you know for sure that you will take the game after release, then you will most likely be interested in the plans of Avalanche Studios and id Software to support the shooter: Bethesda Softworks presented a roadmap for 2019! May Starting with the [….]

Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats and guides: everything you need for PS4, Xbox One and PC

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We all know Grand Theft Auto 5 is huge, and even though it’s been around since 2013 (what?!) there are still plenty of players out there who haven’t tracked down all the collectibles, side missions, and other hidden goodies the game has to offer. If you’re one of those players then we’ve got you covered, as [….]

Activision confirms Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is coming out this autumn

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Hoo-ra!! Activision’s previous Call of Duty title World War II has been out in the world for, oh, five months now, which means it’s just about time for gamers to start wondering where the next release is. Thankfully, Activision knows that it’s that time of year too, and has today (March 8) confirmed that the [….]