Fade to Silence: Overview

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At the early Steam access stage, Fade to Silence had, to put it mildly, an ambiguous reputation – it was something hardcore, incomprehensible, poorly optimized, loaded. And about survival in the snow, where a talkative demon is tortured over a man named Ash all the way – you can see it, but it’s hard to play. Approximately with such [….]

Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark Overview

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark: Overview

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Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is a tactical RPG in the spirit of the Japanese classics of the genre: Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. The debut project of 6 Eyes Studio, consisting of exactly two people – both, of course, fans of Japanese and role-playing games in general, and previously worked in the studio, which released Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled on [….]


Rage 2 has acquired a support plan for 2019

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Until the release of Rage 2 is a few days. If you have already managed to fork out for pre-order, or you know for sure that you will take the game after release, then you will most likely be interested in the plans of Avalanche Studios and id Software to support the shooter: Bethesda Softworks presented a roadmap for 2019! May Starting with the [….]

Razer will give you store credit for mining cryptocurrency (that you don’t get to keep)

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Razer has launched a new crypto rewards program called Razer SoftMiner that enables users to put their GPUs to work mining “Silver.” It sounds like cryptocurrency mining, and, well, it is: You’ll need to download and install the Razer SoftMiner program to take part, and Razer warned that it “uses a substantial amount of your GPU power,” and [….]

For The King – Review (Steam/PC/Mac/Linux)

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A trio of misfit fantasy adventurers set off into a fairytale world to right the wrongs that have befallen their kingdom, lest the forces of darkness and chaos claim their world. For the King’s typical setup belies a charming, tough, tactical game with a bunch of painful ways to die. Taking lessons from the best [….]

HP’s latest Pavilion PCs are built for gamers on a budget

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They promise the performance and style of gaming PCs without huge prices. Many conspicuously gaming-oriented PCs are aimed at high-end buyers, the sort who won’t flinch at splurging on top-end parts and extravagant RGB lighting. But that’s not really how the gaming market works — there are many, many people only ask for just enough [….]

The best strategy games on PC/Mac on Steam

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The best strategy games you can play right now on PC. Here is our list of the best strategy games on PC or Mac. Whether you favour real-time bouts or brainy turn-based simulations, great strategy games throw you into uniquely massive scenarios that let you rule empires, control spacefaring races, and marshal cavalry charges against [….]