Still, remember the need to periodically change your devices in favor of new and more advanced ones? We also have one. This is a gaming solution from SteelSeries with a loud and many well-known names – RIVAL 650 WIRELESS. This is the oldest, newest and most advanced brother of RIVAL 600.

Only now RIVAL 650 WIRELESS is something more in the world of game controllers. This is the world’s first high-performance wireless mouse. This is a dual-sensor with tracking separation height. These are quick payouts. Fast charge – a bit confusing format, sorry. Of course, jokes always have a place to be, and the more ironic the better. Another thing is that in this case there is no need to joke at all.

Usually, any review of such a device begins with a monotonous listing or technical data, or a description of the appearance. All this will be here, but first of all, I would like to concentrate on what real benefits such a gaming tool brings to the average gamer.

The very control of the separation height is not a seemingly useless contraption, but a really practical thing. Especially if we play a lot of shots and often, where the use of sight may cost you, even if it is a computer, but life. With proper configuration, taking into account the characteristics of your desk or in the presence of a rug – the height of the gap can be adjusted to half a millimeter. This is incredibly small, it is even difficult to imagine such a value. And in real life, this can be useful only if you have a very good and perfectly flat table.

At the same time, you can tune sensitively to a gap somewhere in the size of one millimeter, and your mouse will become something like a katana of a very restrained and focused samurai. In fact, all unnecessary “startle” of the cursor is a thing of the past, and any slightly more aggressive movement does not disrupt your sight. The mouse determines the separation from the table and turns off the sensor, the cursor remains immovable – you aim better, you win more often.

The same applies to the “weight distribution”, which you can literally customize for every naughty gaming soul. The mouse itself is quite weighty and does not say that she needs extra grams. But the solution with sinkers in the kit again lies in the plane of achieving great performance when playing. Let’s say you can load the right or, on the contrary, the left part of the mouse more strongly and this will allow you to react to some situations in games faster. In general, you can love heavier mice and the standard 120 grams is not enough for you – you can add up to 150 weights. There are many combinations and applicability options – it all depends entirely on your experience and needs.

The TrueMove3 sensor also flies away into the same gaming “gate”, which gives phenomenal sensitivity indicators, giving you an honest 1 to 1 accuracy. a device that sincerely does everything that depends on it for your victory.

Now to the thesis that this mouse is wireless. It really is. And the frequency of the survey, as well as the response is largely dependent on the distance of the transmitter and receiver from each other. In this case, the RIVAL 650 WIRELESS has an extension cord that allows you to pull the receiver literally on the table, which allows you to achieve the stated performance. For those who still have little faith in wireless technology, knows about overlapping signals and generally loves the cord – not a problem. This device works great on the wire. Switching between the wired connection and the wireless occurs almost instantly and does not require you to do some kind of dancing with a tambourine.

The autonomous operation of a fully charged battery inside the mouse should last for 24 hours of continuous play and this is more than enough even for very long sessions in Dota 2 or where you like to destroy your time there. With mixed-use, in general, two and, more often, two and a half days pass from charging to charging. This does not bother much, given the extension cord, which serves as a charger for the mouse. Understanding this, SteelSeries screwed up fast charging, which is 10-15 minutes actually allows you to charge the rodent for an additional 10 hours of play. Not to mention some short-term needs, where literally the boot screen or the creation of a lobby is enough to extend the life of the mouse for another hour.

A logical continuation is to make a wireless charging, when every night would become a recharge, not only for the gamer using this mouse but also for the device itself. We’ll also see where all this will lead us. By the way, the mouse recognizes the moment when you put your hand on it and turns off the backlight, which saves battery power. In standby mode, everything is very beautiful, but still, it’s better to turn off all the backlight in order to save energy. Yes, your set-up will look a little less spectacular for incoming guests, but performance is most important. In addition, with the help of SteelSeries software, you can easily turn on any backlight when you need it.

Of the good and useful news is the 32-bit ARM processor. It allows you to save all the settings, macros and other necessary inside the mouse. You no longer have to tune in every time you transfer from a PC to a laptop or go to a club with your wireless friend. This is a common problem, believe me. Both for professional players and ordinary users with an everyday computer routine.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Sensor SteelSeries TrueMove3 + with two sensors
Main sensor Optical gaming sensor TrueMove 3
Second sensor Linear sensor to determine the separation height
CPI 100 – 12000 in increments of 100 CPI
IPS 350+ on SteelSeries QcK gaming surfaces
Acceleration 50G
Hardware acceleration No (zero hardware acceleration)
Separation height Customizable, from 0.5 to 2 mm

In general, all this information should be extremely useful to those who are in search of a true gaming mouse. Design and other things with this functionality are factors far indirect and not always the most important. Nevertheless, even here the RIVAL 650 has something to provide for a scrupulous gamer.

Firstly, the ergonomics are almost perfect. It’s a pleasure to hold in your hands even at very long “distances”. The hand does not numb, no corners bulge so that in two hours they create local places of pain from constant contact. The case itself is made of plastic and, in general, is not particularly noticeable.

Is the RIVAL 650 worth the money and attention? Yes, the answer to this question can be strictly unambiguous. This is one of the most ultimate gaming solutions that you can find now. She is extremely stylish and incredibly comfortable. She has excellent performance and functionality that will significantly improve your gaming skills and abilities.

RIVAL 650 WIRELESS can be safely recommended to anyone who enjoys games, is going to become a cyber sportsman or is already one. Perhaps, it is very difficult to call a more advanced gaming manipulator right off the bat. Surely, someone will find a controversial solution with wireless use, but this is easily fixable by the same notorious cord. Someone seems a strangely purely visual solution. But the effectiveness in games and applicability in this area, in this case, is undeniable.

In addition, this is a great device for commonplace convenience in everyday use. It is completely unpretentious, easily customizable and allows you to change the weight and balance of this weight within the mouse itself. Do not be afraid that the RIVAL 650 WIRELESS is completely useless in everyday use of a PC. Rather, it is a gladiator who is very collected and ready at any moment to jump out into the arena of virtual battles. There are no unsuccessful or unnecessary functions. Everything is in its place and exclusively for the sake of achieving the goal.


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