Update for Samsung smartphones has appeared on Google Play, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Experts of the company CSIS Security Group found out that it was placed in the store by people who decided to sell a free program.

The bottom line is that the user downloads the Updates for Samsung application and then goes to the advertising site. There you can really get an update, but it is almost impossible to do this for free, since the download may take at least four hours. To speed up the process, the creators of the application offer to pay $ 34.99.

The representative of CSIS indicates that the authors of the application ask the user to enter their credit card details, that is, the payment does not go through the official Google Play service.

He also said that the user for the money spent can really get an update for the smartphone, which is actually free if you download it directly through the internal settings of the device.

CSIS has asked Google to remove the program, but despite several requests, the update was still available for download.

As it turned out, Update was the author of the application. Its representative said that he was not going to deceive anyone, and Updates for Samsung is intended for those people who are reluctant to search for Android applications. At the same time, he said that no one forces users to pay money, and on the site itself there is a warning that customers themselves are responsible for downloading.

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