The novelty combines the traditional advantages of gaming keyboards with the familiar membrane mechanism, which is familiar to everyone
In addition to a specific design, gaming keyboards are distinguished by mechanical switches. But what if you want a keyboard with an aggressive design and conventional membrane keys? In this case, it is worth paying attention to the membrane  Defender Renegade GK-640DL, which absorbed the gaming appearance, metal frame, and RGB-backlight. Specifications:

  • Keyboard type: membrane with a full-size layout.
  • Key travel: 2 mm.
  • Backlight: RGB, 4 brightness levels, 9 lighting effects.
  • Cable: fixed in a fabric braid, 1.5 meters.
  • Case materials: steel frame + plastic.
  • Dimensions: 220 x 485 x 32 mm.
  • Weight: 1257 grams.
  • Recommended retail price: 1300 rubles.

Design Defender Renegade created according to all the canons: aggressive shape, RGB-backlit keys and logo, high caps and other small but important details. In particular, the brushed metal front panel has a pronounced shape with slots and is bolted with screws that add brutality. The thickness of the metal is such that the plate acts as a frame and makes the design monumental.

Full layout – 104 keys, including a digital block. There are no dedicated buttons for additional functions; for these purposes, F1-F12 and other keys are used in combination with Fn. In particular, Windows + Fn locks system keys, and W + Fn switches WASD to arrows.

At first glance, Defender Renegade is indistinguishable from mechanics, but under the high caps is hidden the usual membrane. Long-stroke keys with elastic force, the impression of use is exactly the same as from a good membrane. As a result, it is equally convenient to type large texts on the keyboard and control a wide variety of games. The membrane mechanism is not silent, each press is accompanied by a sound that is noticeably quieter than Blue tactile switches, but louder than linear Red.
The keyboard is high, to reach the distant keys, you have to significantly curl the brush. For maximum convenience, there is not enough emphasis under the wrists.

The defender did not become puzzled by the creation of its own utility but adapted the well-known MKeyprogram. With it, you can assign different actions to any key or combination of keys: from multimedia to browser control, network settings, and power. Including declared support for macros. But the interface is confusing and it is completely unclear how to record actions. In addition, MKey can display the volume control, pressing reassigned keys and switching LOCK-keys.
An interesting detail is the metal pen-holder in the upper part, where you can put a smartphone or tablet. So it’s much more convenient to watch the video without opening from the computer or use a mobile companion for the game. The stand is metal and screwed directly to the front panel, so that can withstand a variety of devices.
The connection interface is standard USB. The cable 1.5 meters long is hidden in a high-quality fabric braid, closer to the plug is a ferrite filter. For easy carrying, a reusable clamp with Velcro hangs on the cable.

Defender is one of the companies that go beyond the established rules of gadget engineering. The newRenegade GK-640DL keyboard is a vivid example of this when the rejection of mechanical switches made it possible to fit all gaming gadgets into a modest cost of 1,300 rubles. Another indisputable advantage is the uniform glow of all the keys, which is lacking in many mechanical keyboards.

  • Unusual design.
  • Built-in stand for smartphone or tablet.
  • Metal carcass.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Customizable RGB illumination with uniform illumination.
  • Quality cable with a reusable cable tie.


  • Lack of a good proprietary utility.

May not like:

  • The problem with the quality of processing plastic caps.
  • Lack of complete palm rest.

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