Until the release of Rage 2 is a few days. If you have already managed to fork out for pre-order, or you know for sure that you will take the game after release, then you will most likely be interested in the plans of Avalanche Studios and id Software to support the shooter: Bethesda Softworks presented a roadmap for 2019!


Starting with the release week, trials for the community will be launched, for the passage of which rely on free skins. The reward for overcoming the first test will be the skin for the gun Vomit Comet Pistol. 
New assignments will appear every week in May and June – you can track them on the action movie’s Twitter account and through in-game alerts. To receive the earned rewards, you need to log in to your Bethesda.net account and be online. 
In addition, in the same month, the Ruckus the Crusher event starts, dedicated to the mutant of the same name.



Will deliver the first major update. It will bring fresh trials for the community, new cheat codes and a couple of fairly large events, one of which will add a manned combat robot as a new vehicle, and the other a huge opponent.


Another big update with the new machine (One-Wheeler) and the enemy – judging by the image at the end of the news, a huge worm. In addition, the developers will continue to supply the latest tests, cheats, and skins.


Together with “a huge number of new events and other goodies” will be released the first significant expansion called Rise of the Ghosts. It will add a new Ghost storyline from the original game and region to explore, as well as fresh weapons, an enemy fraction of ability, and vehicles.

September October

In November, the light will see the second expansion. Details about this and other innovations in the autumn period will be known later – first of all, they will be told about them in the same Twitter.

Rage 2 will get to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next Tuesday, May 14th. Even if you do not plan to acquire an action movie, you can still take part in the game – on the rights of the viewer of streams. A bunch of other materials, including the release trailer, look in our news.

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