Light it up

We’ve seen keyboards, mice and monitors exhibit their own gaming-oriented light shows, but nobody has thought to give speakers the same treatment. Until now. Logitech’s new G560 speakers have four RGB lighting zones that can throw roughly 16.8 millions colours onto your desk and the wall behind it. Employing Lightsync tech, they can synchronise shades with whatever’s happening on screen, Ambilight-style. Say you’ve just walked into a boss area. Game developers could have the G560 change colour to ramp up the dread. They could also flash red when you hit low health, or indicate which direction you’re taking fire from. The possibilities are endless. Peaking at 240W and packing DTS:X Ultra 1.0 surround sound, they’re no slouch in the audio department either. Pick up a pair in April for £209 (UK).

Pre-order: Here

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