Hyundai Kite Buggy Concept

This month Hyundai Kite celebrated its world premiere at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and unveiled a two-seater dune buggy concept vehicle that converts into a single-seater jet ski. To develop the concept bogey and see vehicle the Hyundai Design Centre Europe partnered with the renowned Italian design school Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and was created by 15 IED transportation design master’s course students.

The Hyundai Kite concept bogey takes the form of a doorless, roofless and windowless vehicle that can drive both on streets and over water. It consist of a monocoque chassis measuring 3,7m in length with a height of 1.4 m. The concept was designed to reduce barriers between the “exterior and interior to create a functional and fun car”. With the lines of the buggy conveying an idea of “floating and freedom”.

Thomas Bürkle Chief Designer at Hyundai Design Centre Europe explains, “Design is the number one reason why our customers in Europe choose Hyundai cars. We are always evolving our design to reflect modern lifestyle, which is our key to success. We are delighted to contribute to the development of young talents in Europe who will be designing the cars of the future. The Hyundai Kite is a great result of an exceptional partnership.”

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