Can you smell what the Rock is cooking in April?

Dwayne Johnson’s new movie Rampage has reacted to Avengers: Infinity War changing its release date by moving its own.

The movie based on the 1980s video game was set to come out in the US on April 20, giving it two weeks in cinemas before Infinity War landed on May 4 and likely crushed everything before it at the box office.

However, last week, Infinity War moved forward to April 27 and Rampage has responded by moving up to April 13 to keep its two-week window.



In the UK, Rampage was always set to come out on April 11, two and a bit weeks ahead of the latest Avengers effort, so it’s unlikely that its US release date shift will affect its UK release at all.

It’s also possible that early positive reaction to Rampage – and given the huge success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – that makers New Line just wanted to get the movie to US audiences sooner, although the gap to Infinity War certainly doesn’t hurt it.



Rampage stars Johnson as Davis Okoye, who is trying to stop some newly-created “alpha predators” from destroying everything in their path after a spot of “genetic editing”.

Basically, it’s Johnson teaming up with King Kong (kind of) to fight some massive monsters.


Rampage is released in UK cinemas on April 11 and US cinemas on April 13.




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