The Dreams beta opens up on January 11, but only if you sign up

The Dreams beta has been live several weeks for a select few, and it’s finally getting ready to open up to the rest of us. Developer Media Molecule is now accepting applications from the general public with plans to send out invites starting on January 11. How do you get in? What can you do once you’re there? I dreamt up some answers to your questions! Well, no, I actually watched the official reveal stream and read Media Molecule’s FAQ then put together the stuff I thought you should know. At no point in the entire process was I dreaming or even asleep, though I wouldn’t mind a nap.

How do I get in the Dreams beta?

If you subscribed to the Dreams newsletter any time before December 7, congratulations! You’re already in. Otherwise you’ll have to sign up for a potential slot, with separate application pages for US and EU PSN accounts. Media Molecule says it will let as many applicants in as possible starting on January 11, but it can’t guarantee admission for everybody. You must be 18 or over and live in the US, Canada, EU, AUS, Middle East, or Africa regions to access the beta.

When does the Dreams beta begin and end?

The Dreams beta began December 19, though it will only start opening to the wider public on January 11. The beta will conclude on January 21, giving the earliest testers more than a month to explore Dreams. Media Molecule wants to give everybody plenty of time to kick the fanciful user-generated tires, so hopefully it won’t take long to start inviting more folks in.

How do I download the Dreams beta?

Once you receive your invitation to the Dreams beta, you should be able to add it to your game library and download it like any other PS4 game. You’ll only need about 4GB of storage space free for the beta client.

What’s in the Dreams beta?

Its official name is “Dreams Creator Beta”, so that should give you an idea of what’s included. This beta lacks the story mode and broader social features that would otherwise appeal to players who aren’t so big on the whole “bring your dreams to life in a creative flight of fancy” thing. A limited series of tutorial levels and certain social aspects will be available. There are also some beautiful creations pre-built by Media Molecule you can explore for inspiration or repurpose for your own ends. Check out the clip above for a preview.

Will my Dreams beta creations persist into the full game?

Hopefully! Media Molecule says that’s the current plan, “barring a tragic technical error” between now and the full version of the game.

Can I share my Dreams beta experiences?

To participate in the Dreams beta you must agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so no streaming, YouTubing, or even Tweeting your general impressions. An official forum will be made available for sharing your experiences with other players and talking to the devs.

Do I need PS Plus to play the Dreams beta?

You don’t need an active PS Plus subscription to participate in the Dreams beta, but some internet connectivity will be required even after you’re all installed and up to date.

Can I use PlayStation VR or Move Controllers in the Dreams beta?

There are a few different ways to control Dreams. The default is a PS4 controller used with both its standard inputs and motion-controlled pointing, but you can also connect a pair of PlayStation Move controllers (with a PS4 Camera) for faster, more intuitive creating. Both of those options will work in the Dreams beta. However, PlayStation VR will not be supported. Media Molecule says it will have “more details about VR for Dreams closer to launch”.

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