There might quickly be a Fresh Princess.


After many years of having males being in the lead roles of just about everything, the movie and TV industries have been going full steam ahead both creating or rebooting a whole host of female-led properties.

The latest franchise to – possibly – get this remedy is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which initially starred Will Smith as a younger man despatched to stay together with his auntie and uncle and is VERY ’90s.

So the rumours from TMZ are that the company who own the rights to the brand have been submitting logos for ‘Fresh Princess’ for everything from a TV show to backpacks and clothes and more.



The site also said that the company have been recently been trademarks for brand new Fresh Prince toys, so it seems like they’re actually pursuing a comeback for the franchise.

In fact, they may also simply be defending their copyrights, so let’s not treat this as 100% happening.


There has been renewed interest in a revival lately, following a Fresh Prince sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Will Smith also got fans ridiculously excited when he shared some fan artwork of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cartoon, writing that although he is never considered an animated version before, he’s completely behind the thought of it now.



So might we get an animated series *and* a female-led live-action reboot? We’re contemplating trademarking the phrase ‘The Bel-aissance’ simply in case.

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