We’re a few weeks away from the release of Battlefield 5 but DICE has a new look at the multiplayer maps for you, just to remind you that life doesn’t have to be all cowboys and super mutants.

The highlights? The North African Hamada map is the biggest that will be available at launch, and is heavy on canyons and tanks. Twisted Steel sounds like a highschool metal band but is in fact a map featuring the skeleton of a ruined bridge. It’s “the biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game” and should pose plenty of challenges for even shooter veterans. My favorite though, is the icy terrain of the Norwegian Narvak map. It’s a battle for a harbour town that looks tight and intense, with landscapes you’d want to watercolor if you weren’t fighting for your life.

Battlefield 5 will be released on November 20. We recently played a decent chunk of the single player campaign, and can report that DICE has finally nailed story for the solo player. “To say ‘you’ve never played anything like this’ is too generous a statement, but they do offer tried and tested WW2 shooter action in settings and scenarios that feel very different to other games you’ve played previously.”

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